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Articles I Want To Read in 2014


1. Women’s Clothing Men Don’t Like, Written By Men Who Have Sour Gummy Worms For Genitalia

2. Are You Wearing This Beauty Trend That Men In Jaunty Fedoras Find Unattractive? How To Master It.

3. 25 Reasons You Should Stop Reading Lists Dictating How You To Live Out Your 20’s

4. These Impossible…

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What is your all time favorite hula hoop to dance with?

Thank you for your sweet compliment on my video (it’s posted on my other blog lol)! I am obsessed with my polypros right now, I’ve been using my 34” but I also have a 36” that I love for slower hooping. You can get really good polypro hoops on etsy for like $25! 

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Done by Maxwell Alves - El Cuervo Ink - Curitiba/Brazil

I want this

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The new year is approaching… enjoy the rest of December with this playlist of 100 of the best tracks of the year 2013!

(Source: Spotify)